Digital Creativity

We produce stunning video, computer generated imagery, audio and animation for corporates and studios, content for TV adverts, online campaigns, YouTube virals and Facebook widgets, as well as broadsheet cover-mount DVDs and multi-language media for global release.

Fighting Aircraft is a DVD and magazine series published by De Agostini. It contains fabulous footage and detailed CGI models of the world's greatest military aircraft.

Fighting Aircraft DVD Partwork

Deluxe Corporation were commisioned to produce all of the CGI content, record the voice-overs, edit and compile the footage and create each DVD in the series, always within the strict timescales imposed by the publishing industry.

The newly created CGI footage is creatively mixed with archive film and video, that often needs careful restoration to preserve its quality for future generations.

Much of our current time is taken creating and animating 3D models for various Film and DVD projects, as well as developing characters for print in magazines and catalogues.

3D CGI model RC racing car

This model of a radio controlled racing buggy (pictured right), was built for our client to a high specification. Every individual component was painstakingly measured, and the CGI model was built to 'screw-guage' accuracy.

avatar for second life

Web based communication and interaction is now here to stay. As broadband becomes available to everyone in the developed world, and communication forums become more and more sophisticated (whether to play poker or wander around Second Life), the demand for avatars based on real people is escalating.