How to Write Problem Solution Essay

A problem-solution essay deals with a particular problem. While writing this paper, you need to find at least several solutions to the issue you are going to talk about. Students are usually assigned to write a problem solution essay on the exams as it allows us to investigate the matter and use critical thinking to solve it. Let’s find out how to write an excellent problem solution paper outline.

Preparation Stage

The issue you are going to deal with in your paper has to be clearly stated in the prompt of the paper. You can be asked to choose a situation, or you can be assigned a particular issue to resolve. Usually, these problems are of social, cultural, or historical aspects. Having selected an appropriate topic, you need to figure out the main components of the paper. A standard problem-solution essay consists of four parts: a situation, a problem, a solution, and an evaluation. You had better structure your paper according to these components:
Paraphrase the paper prompt in your own words.
State the problem and try it to explain with your own words.
State a few solutions to the problem and describe how it will solve the issue.
List the main ideas and offer a recommendation based on your problem solution.
After you have passed the preparation stage, it’s time for you to start writing your essay. You might think that no need to spend time surfing the Internet to find necessary information because you manage to pay for essays online and get your completed task in a few days. But sometimes it happens you need to write an essay in the classroom, and there no time for consulting academic writing assistance. In this case, the information below will be useful for you.

Writing the Essay

Start writing your paper with an introductory part where you should describe the situation with your own words. Concentrate on a particular view of the situation, especially if it’s widespread. Pay due attention to the research of the problem. Look for more information at local and state levels. The more studies you carry out, the stronger your solutions will be. Include a strong thesis in the introduction. A problem-solution essay should have a thesis statement both in the introductory and final parts. As a rule, a thesis discusses the problem and the situation that you are concentrated on in your essay. Then, it’s time to define your solutions. The best answers are easy to implement and resolve the issue effectively. Later, you will examine these solutions in your paper. Don’t forget to provide specific examples to support your answers. The patterns help you to describe your solutions in detail. In the final part, evaluate your solutions and summarize the goal of your solution.

The Last Stage

When your problems and solution essay is already written, there is only one small thing to do — polish your paper. Review your essay to make sure you have an introduction, including a thesis statement, the main body consisting of your solutions to the problem and examples, and the conclusion with the evaluation and the thesis similar to the introductory one. Read your paper several times to avoid grammar mistakes or misspelled words. Pay attention to the punctuation, and if you aren’t sure you used it correctly — use a punctuation checker. Usually, essays have a limited number of words, and it’s essential to follow them strictly. If you have more words, shorten some sentences, tighten up your language, or make your ideas brief.