On a day that, outside of the shive- inducing weather, was no different from the countless other spring days in 2013, I would learn a lesson that still sticks with me more than half a decade later. On a Wednesday evening like any other in my grandmother’s house there was myself, my grandmother, and her boyfriend in the living room, and outside on the porch my uncle was sitting enjoying the cool weather. Upstairs there was my mother and father in the guest room they were sleeping in while visiting my grandmother’s house. In the living room I was doing what I normally did that summer; listen to music and playing games on the nick jr website, while my grandmother and her boyfriend watched their favorite soap operas; the young and the restless and the bold and beautiful, which to me at the time felt like had to become boring to my grandmother as she watched season after season and episode after episode.

After about half an hour of drinking the sour and sweet sparkling apple juice and typing of the smooth keys of the keyboard my uncle comes into the house and walks over to me and asks me “Samarie can you take this bag and put it in my shoe box in my closet upstairs”. I knew that my uncle did some not so legal things; and we didn’t and still don’t live in the most secure or upper class area so this seemed like nothing out of the usual at that time. I told him I would, and almost instantly as soon as he left back out the house I sat down and continued to play on the computer. I had told myself “I will put it up later after one more game”. I soon found in the middle of that game that there wouldn’t be another game that day. 

After about 15 minutes of peaceful living my uncle ran into the room and bolted up the stairs soon after that there was an ear shattering order of “POLICE OPEN UP THE DOOR NOW!” This shocked me to the core at the time being no more than eight years old I froze at the computer table and couldn’t move as my grandmother opens the door. As soon as she unlocks the door a team of around four to five armed officers storm in almost knocking my grandma down and half the team going up stairs and the other half searching the down stairs. Almost instantly they take the bag that my uncle told me to take up stairs and escorts everyone outside and lays the adults down on the concrete and allows me to sit on the stairs, they also gave me a lollipop as what I can only imagine was a “sorry for this kid” gift. As my uncle was taken away in cuffs and put into a cop cruiser I realized that when an adult tells me to do something I need to do it the first time it is told and not put it off until later.